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5 Gal Mail-Away Disposal Pail

Ideal Containment and Disposal of Insulin Syringe Needles

Convenient Option for disposal Insulin needles

  • Safe containment: the Voyager container includes an internal device that clips off and safety
    disposes of the needle, while destroying the syringe barrel. Prevents misuse while reducing the risk of accidental needle sticks to the user.
  • Voyager containers are compact enough to fit in a purse or coat pocket, yet accommodate 120-160 syringe needles of 1/3cc, 1/2cc and 1cc, as well as test strips and lancets
  • Mails back to incineration facility via USPS (prepaid), and includes shipping manifest form for
    tracking and certificate of destruction.
  • Includes 3 protective plastic liners and 3 twist ties, with an approved inner carton and water-resistant sealing tape for secure, safe transit.
  • Set includes 3 containers and 1 mail-back box (fits all 3 containers).
  • FDA-approved sharps collection containment system.
  • Clear and easy instructions.


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SC3T424A3V Diabetic Sharps Travel Pack: Three Travel-Size Diabetic Sharps Containers and 1 USPS Mail-Back Shipping Box 3 ea/cs


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