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Tri-Core Support Pillow in use

Side supports rest on the chair seat to keep the
Logic Back correctly positioned.

Tri-Core Support Pillow

LogicBack can be used anywhere!


LogicBack Surpreme Backrest

Advanced Back Support

  • Logic Back creates natural, effortless posture - designed by chiropractors.
  • Use Logic Back anywhere!
  • Logic Back corrects the position of the pelvis and lumbar back which
  • automatically aligns the two upper curves of the spine.
  • Logic Back's open center allows the user to sit back fully, placing the sacrum
  • at its ideal angle to create the proper lumbar curve.
  • Provides excellent lumbar support with adjustable internal straps that custom fit to each person.
  • Side supports rest on the chair seat to keep the LogicBack correctly positioned.

Tri-Core Support Pillow supports the spine when sleeping on the side



The LogicBack Surpreme Backrest provides proper alignment of the spine.






Item #



MCLB171481 LogicBack Supreme Backrest 4 ea/cs



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